This is a list of things I have been reading or seeing, and people I have been speaking with or listening to as part of this project.

Books and Journals

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Richard Long Heaven and Earth, retrospective exhibition, Tate Britain,  June – Sept 2009 (

Telling Tales: Fantasy and Fear in Contemporary Design, Victoria and Albert Museum, 14 July – 18 October, 2009 (

Future Fashion Now, New Design from the Royal College of Art, Victoria and Albert Museum, 2009, (

Medals of Dishonour, British Museum,

St James, Jaccques Bellage, etching, 1935, British Museum Collection

Mariscal, Drawing Life, Design Museum, London.

Inherit the Wind,


Lucy Kimbell (

Nina Wakeford (

Guy Julier (

Terry Rosenberg (

Teal Triggs (

Chandra Mukerji, keynote at Objects what matters?
Impersonal Rule: Governance through Things (

Patricia Clough, keynote at Objects what matters?
Praying and Playing to the Beat of a Child’s Metronome (

Griselda Pollock, keynote at Objects what matters?
Sarah Kofman’s Father’s Pen: Trauma, Transmission and the Strings of Virtuality between the Psychoanalytical and the Aesthetic Understanding of the Object as Link not Lost ((

Cornelia Parker, public discussion on Medals of Dishonour –

Sadie Plant, public discussion on Medals of Dishonour –

George Nuku, House Tonganui –

Cameron Tonkinwise, Parsons New School –

Harriet Edquist, RMIT University –

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