Thematic Reflections

The following are reflections on core themes of this roaming project. They are linked to the categories and tags and will evolve as I go along. I suppose you could say this is the mixing pot where I try to make sense of the noticings.

From my reading and thinking for the past 10days I have identified that the following are the themes that are emerging within the project. Whether or not these are way are there when I return, who knows. My intention is to put these into the ether and then let them go whilst I head off on the walk and see what emerges from that process.


the trajectoris made and those that are followed

nature and landscape and inhabited space

alone/loneliness/solitary walking

intention & listening

reveries & observations – noticing

physicality – pain, feet and endurance

encounters with others

setting out ~ process~ destination~journey~returning

discovery & transformation

Rhythm, pace, distance, time

In essence these are about: how we walk, why we walk, what we expect from walking, who we walk with, and where – the place/space of walking

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