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Full circle but not where i started

I am back in London and although in theory I am back where I started, the place I set out from, I am not where I began.

I spent time today walking around London and going to see some of the exhibitions that are part of the London Design Festival but found it hard to take it in. It wasn’t long until I took refuge in a book store and then went to the park. Everything else just seemed to much to deal with. I missed meeting people doing the same thing and was confronted that people didn’t smile back when I greeted them. Walking or perhaps staggering (feet still not right) was still a pleasure and something I took refuge in. I realised when I went to the exhibits that those that related to work things led me to start thinking about that and I don’t feel ready to do that yet. I suppose I am concerned that I still have stuff to process and I don’t want to loose the first collation- yet.

I did however go and see Lenny Henry play Othello – very good and a good lesson about trusting yourself and not listening to those who contradict your intuition.