© 2009 laurene

Back in Santiago

I am back in Santiago and have to many things to think to say. Happily & very beautifully I made it back to Santiago today. I was concerned I wouldn’t make it. I feel fine in every way except for my feet. Otherwise I could keep walking.

Again as I left this morning I had places, paths and distances all confused from the first day. I think that this was both the nature of the return, my inexperience and climactic change- not raining!

I walked all the way on my own slowly and steadily. I met no one else going my way, but did encounter an ongoing tide of people departing. There were times as I walked where I was in a state of bliss besides my pain. I had deep contentment about life and my place in it.

At the end of this adventure I have many thoughts but I shall wait a few days before trying to make sense of them.