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Finding my way back

Today I started what we could call my walk out of the labyrinth. I have conceived of this circular walk as a walk in and out of the labyrinth. Structured around 3 days in, 2 days there and now 3 days back. On using this model it has become very clear that today was a day of emerging. I woke early and since I was nervous about walking through forest in the dark, I joined up with 2 Hungarian men today & although I thought I would only stay with them until dawn we walked together all day. Again we had limited language but it did not matter. I was worried that since my feet were so sore and new blisters were forming and my hip & knee were causing much pain that I would not keep up with them. But I did and it was ok. After 25ks my hip started to hurt less (again I walked through the pain) and now only my knee is a problem when I walk downhill. This is new and annoying.
It is known that walking the way we did today- back out in a direction that not many people do, that signage is bad and this does make it hard. Consequently we have gotten lost a lot. This is probably appropriate and this is the reason for Ariadne’s golden thread. Once we got to Hospital we reached the point where I headed off to Finisterre and began to retrace our steps. It is interesting how somethings are familiar and others are completely different. Added to the problem of seeing things from a new perspective( spatially and personally) there is also the change in time and climate. I left in the am in the rain, I return in the pm in sun. There are many variables in a change in perspective.

Also there are many ways to manage and treat blisters- a travelers science!

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  1. wanda
    Posted September 22, 2009 at 5:27 am | #

    Hope you are having a fulfilling time. Surgical spirit for the feet!

    See you friday


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