© 2009 laurene

Two slow days

For the past two days I have walked more slowly. In fact i have walked half of what I have every other day. This has been both a rest for my very sore feet and legs, and shifted my pace from focusing on arrival to being where i am.
It was quite sad to say goodbye to those who I have walked with and shared accommodation with for the past few days. It is quite strange the way that you connect with people whilst on this walk. Close friendships are made quickly and pass. These friendships may have little shared language but great connection.
The landscape has continued to be overwhelming and for the past two says this has included beautiful beaches. Rain, mist and sunshine all in one hour! Sun block and poncho are always close to hand.
Over these past two days I have spent much time thinking about the paths we walk and how is this path, named the Camino different to other walks I may have done, because it is. The camino is as much about people past and present as it is places. I am conscious of the presence or the schul of others as I walk. I seek it and I find it. Today I saw few people and no one walking the same way as me. I did run into the French and Italian ladies I met a few days ago. We encountered each other on a quiet path and embraced like old friends.
Since being here in muxia I have met a Swiss girl who was robbed at gun point during her walk. This was both a reminder if what the camino used to be and why there is do much infrastructure to protect the pilgrims, and a shock. Although I am always careful I am conscious of walking alone in isolated places and greeting all who I meet as friends. The question is will thus shift my focus from trust to fear and distrust. It is far more enjoyable to walk from a position of community than one of isolation.
If my walk is like a labyrinth then these two days have been my time in the centre; my time to reflect and consider, the next three days should be about application. All I know now is that for all the physical pain, the last two says have been full of contentment and joy.